Sedum Reflexum

A well-known and lovely ornamental plant, Sedum Reflexum is used to decorate gardens. It can be kept indoors in a small pot to make your interior look fresh and calm. Besides that this plant has a very nice soft texture with light grey and greenish leaves and yellow flowers. However, the color of flowers and leaves may vary according to different subcategories.

Suitable environment:

The Sedum plant is a desert plant that loves fully drained soil and extremely hot weather.


This flowering plant blooms at the end of spring and the start of the summer season.


Its genus is sedum.


Its specie is S.reflexum.


Its height is approximately 10 cm.


This beautiful plant is native to Southern, Northern, and central Europe.


This plant belongs to the Crassulaceae family.


This flowering plant has a very light fragrance.

Plant Type:

Sedum reflexum is a flowering plant.


This plant can be propagated with the help of cuttings.

Other Names:

Sedum reflexum is known with different common names including blue stonecrop, trip madam, prick madam, reflexed stonecrop, stone orpine, etc.


For more propagation and maintenance it is recommended to cut the plant that will result in heavy growth and full blooming.

Sun Exposure:

Sedum reflexum thrives for full sunlight.

Watering Requirement:

This plant doesn’t like frequent watering, it is recommended to water it occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we eat Sedum Reflexum?

Well, this plant is not frequently consumed for eating. But in Europe people eat it occasionally. According to them, this plant has a sour taste.

Is it an evergreen plant?

Yes, this plant is a desert plant.  So no matter how hard the weather and environment is this will remain green the whole year.

Does it love sun or shade?

Sedum plants always grow best in full sun. So make sure to provide maximum sunlight to your plant for its growth and maintenance.

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