Sea Thrift Care And Growing Guide

Sea Thrift is one of the flowering species and is also known as sea pink. It is considered a compact and perennial plant that remains evergreen. Significantly, it grows in the form of little clumps and long stems. These stems hold the beautiful bunches of pink flowers. There are also other colors available such as white, purple and red. Sea Thrift is a famous plant for various gardens due to its beauty. And it is widely grown all over the world and is known as a cut flower. The ideal gardens to grow this flowering plant are rock gardens and xeriscapes. It specifically refers to pertaining coastal or seas.

Origin: Armeria maritima is the first time wisely grown in the region of Coastal cliffs, U.S west coast, Canada, Northern Asia, and Europe.

Scientific Name: Armeria maritima is the scientific name for Sea Thrift.

Common Name: There are some other unique names for Sea Thrift such as Siberian sea thrift, California sea pink, Thrift sea pink, and Interior sea pink. 

Family: This flowering plant belongs to the Plumbaginaceae family.

Hardiness zone: Its USDA hardiness zone range from 3-9.

Species: A. Maritima is the species of this plant.

Genus: Its genus is Armeria.

Type: Sea thrift is often known as a Herbaceous perennial plant.

Height: It is 6-12 inches tall.

Spread: widely spread up to 15-30 cm.

Season: The best time to grow this flowering plant is April to May.

Sunlight: Sea pink requires full sunlight.

Light and Temperature Requirements:

This plant loves to grow in such a location that receives full sunlight unfiltered and direct. 6-8 hours per day sunlight is very important. In addition to this, some shades are also beneficial in the afternoon or noontime. Like most flowering plants, Sea Pink also prefers morning sunlight. This plant is unable to tolerate cool weather, wet seasons and if it remains in cool places it will die.

Watering: Siberian thrift can tolerate drought but cannot handle moist soils. This flowering plant will die if it remains in moist soil for a prolonged period. In addition to this, only new-planted sea thrift needs moderate soil unless it becomes fully established.

Soil: These flowers hate to grow in rich soils but prefer such soil that is well-drained. The ideal soil type for this plant is sandy. If you plant Sea thrift in such a soil that is too much rich then it may damage the foliage and the mid of the plant will not survive.

Fertilization:When you are planting sea pink keep in your mind that you just need to add a little amount of organic matter to the soil. You can add more peat moss in those souls that are gravelly or sandy for the improvement of its drainage. In addition to this, Sea thrift can tolerate various soil PH such as acidic to alkaline.

Deadheading and Pruning:

It is very important to remove the dead branches and flowers from the tree. To give space to the upcoming flowers. In this way, you can maintain the look of your sea thrift plant.

Medicinal Uses: There are various medical uses of sea Thrift such as:

  • It is considered as one of the herbal used to make various medicine.
  • When the flowering of this plant is dried they can be used in antibiotics.
  • And this plant is ideal and plays an essential role in the treatment of nervous disorders, obesity and urinary issues.

Sea Thrift Armeria Maritima Pest or Diseases: This plant is widely considered a disease-free plant. It can resist deer. But if it gets poor growing conditions it can attack by crown rots etc. So it is very important to provide this plant good care.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, Sea thrift is such an amazing features plant. It can enhance the beauty of your landscape. Moreover, it is best to cure many diseases. If you want to grow thrift in your garden it is very easy. So go ahead and enjoy the beauty of this tree.

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