Lobster Claw Plant Care And Growing Tips

Lobster Claw Plant are perennial and one of the most beautiful plants in the world. Besides that, the shape of the leaves is paddle and oval and the colour is green. Additionally, its flower does not arise until it’s getting two years old. These plants have three types of species namely small lobster claw, hanging and gaint. These plants only grow from underground rhizomes and may be broken to produce a new plant. Instead of that the fruit of this Lobster claw plant is eatable and can be used to sweeten desserts. The growing process of this plant is easy as you can plant these in the yard to make it more attractive.

Common Names:

The common name of this plant is heliconia.

Scientific Name:This plant is scientifically known as Lobster claw.

Family:These belong to the family of Heliconiaceae.

Genus:Its genus is heliconia.

Species:The species of this plant is H. rostrata.

Hardiness Zone:The USDA hardiness zone for this plant is 10_13.

Height:The height at which it can grow is 120_180cm.

Origin:These plants were first discovered in Central and South America.

Regions where these plants naturalized:These plants are naturalized in Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Peru, bolivia, Ecuador and Puerto Rico.

Soil Needs:These plants get benefit from that type of soil that is fertile moist and well_drained. Moreover, pot these plants in a mixture of equal parts soil, peat moss and fine wood mulch. Most importantly slightly acidic soil is best for its growth. It is essential to take care that it does not get dry because dryness can harm its roots.

Sunlight Needs:These plants have no specific demand regarding sunlight as they can survive both in partial or full sun. They need humidity and heat because these are rainforest plants. Additionally, they cannot avoid cold temperatures indoors however you can place these in containers indoors if they get water and full sun.

Watering:Water is one of the essential elements in the growing process of plants but it is also important to provide water according to plants demand. As it doesn’t demand too much water because if it gets soggy then its growth process may be affected.

Fertilizer:To make plants healthy and keep them growing it is essential to provide the best fertilizer to them. The suitable fertilizer for this plant is 10_10_10. And the early summer is the best time to feed this plant.

Harvesting:To harvest lobster claws is not difficult as these can harvest by an old fashioned method. With the help of straps harvested can harvest these plants but it is important to take care that they must be hauled one at a time.

Pruning:To maintain the shape of the plants and to make them more beautiful it is necessary to prune these plants once a month. The best way to prune these plants is to cut the deadhead and damaged areas. The time to prune this plant is spring.

Medical Uses:

Some of the beneficial uses related to these plants are given below lets have a look:

  • It is very helpful to reduce the deficiency of vitamins and proteins.
  • Help to reduce the weight.
  • These can be helpful to reduce the risk the heart and cancer diseases.
Final Verdict:

As you have seen these plants are the most beautiful. Along with this, these have so many benefits whether these are related to food and healthy it is beneficial in both ways. Furthermore, the growing process is easy as it demands less care and can easily grow even at your home. So, you must place these plants at your home to make your yard more beautiful.

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