Sanguisorba Lum Growing And Caring Tips

Sanguisorba Lum flowering plant is known as a famous perennial herbaceous plant. It belongs to the family Rosacea. It has pinnate foliage along with wiry branched stems. Along with this Sanguisorba Lum has burrs in terminal clusters and its flowers grow in the shape of the candle. You will see amazing colour varieties in this plant such as plum, white, red, green and pink. This is one of the long-lasting plants because it starts growing from the beginning of April till the middle of November. It grows up to 2-3 feet tall and 2-3 feet in width. These flowers are ideal for UK gardens.

Origin:This plant was the first time originated in the cold areas of Europe, North America and North Asia. In addition to this, it is perfect to grow in the gardens And landscapes of the UK.

Scientific Name: Sanguisorba Lum officinalis is the scientific name given to this plant.

Common Name:

It is commonly known as greater burnet.

Type: Great burnet is a Herbaceous and yearly basis growing plant.

Family: It is one of the members of the Rosaceae family.

Genus: Sanguisorba

Species: S. officinalis

Zone: The hardiness zone of this flowering plant range from 3-8.

Blooming Time: The ideal time for the blooming of these flowers is May to June.

Sun: Full sun is needed for healthy growth.

Water: It requires a normal amount of water.

Maintenance: There is no need for any extra care for this plant.

Flower: Its flowers are showy.

Tolerate: Great burnet can tolerate deer.

Ideal Place To Grow Sanguisorbas:

These flowers are grown in damp soils all over the northern hemisphere. In addition to this, you will also find this great burnet in the other types of soils such as sandy soils. In case the soil of this plant gets dried then no need to worry. You can easily revive its soil by providing a liberal quantity of water. It loves to grow in sunny locations. Significantly, it is best to grow these flowers around the border with other unique plants such as Stachys, Achilleas etc.

Soil:The best soils for the healthy development of this plant is well-drained, clay, sandy and loamy soil. In addition to this, if the soil is slightly alkaline or acidic it is more than good for this plant.

Light:It is very important to plant this tree in such a location that receives a good amount of sunlight. Moreover, it can also tolerate partial shades etc.


After planting great burnet it is very beneficial to give it proper water. In the first week of planting facilitate Sanguisorba Lum with water especially in the summer one time per week. Once the plant is fully established then it does not need any high amount of water. But it grows well if its soil remains moist.

Fertilization:If you slightly fertilize the soil of this flowering plant then it is a wise decision. At the beginning of the spring fertilize this plant with a granular or balanced fertilizer. In case you are using water-soluble and concentrated fertilizer then you should follow the guidelines mentioned on its packet.

Edible Uses:The leaves of these flowers are generally used in eating as it is, or by cooking them. It gives you a cucumber-like flavour due to which you can free to use in salads. In addition to this, the leaves of this plant when gets fully dried are the best substitute for tea.

Medical Uses:

Significantly, along with edible uses, there are also so many medical benefits of Sanguisorba Lum such as:

  • It is best to cool your blood
  • This plant is ideal to stop bleeding and it is best to cure wounds.
  • The roots of great burnet are widely used to stop dysentery, insects bites and nosebleeds etc.

Conclusion:Sanguisorba Lum is a unique and herbaceous plant that has a lot of edible and medical uses. Moreover, it is a long-lasting plant that makes your place beautiful for a longer time. We are hopeful that you will enjoy this informative article related to this beautiful plant.

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