Alphonse Karr Bamboo Care And Growing Tips

Alphonse Karr Bamboo are evergreen and perennial shrubs with green leaves. Additionally, the foliage of these plants is available in dense grey colour and mostly arise in the late spring.  Besides that, these are the upright, straight, evergreen bamboo that has golden yellow canes. Furthermore, its fine luxuriant leaves are used to display occasionally. This evergreen bamboo is very beneficial to make an excellent container as this is the best choice for a privacy screen. The shoots of these plants are highly edible because it contains a large number of minerals, fibres, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Moreover, the process of growing this plant is very easy so you can place it anywhere to enjoy its beauty.

Common Name: The common name of this plant is Clumping bamboo, Hedge bamboo and Alphonse Karr bamboo.

Scientific Name: The scientific name of this plant is Bambusa Multiplex

Family:This belongs to the family of Poaceae.

Genus:Its genus is Bambusa.

Species: B. multiplex.

Hardiness Zone: The USDA hardiness zone for these plants is 9_10.

Height:These are easy growing plants and can grow about 20ft.

Origin: This was first discovered in China.

Regions where these plants are naturalized:

These plants are naturalized in the following regions:

  • Madagascar
  • Iraq
  • Indigo
  • Mauritius
  • West Indies.
  • South America.
  • Indian subcontinent.
  • The Southeastern United States.

Soil Needs: These types of plants mostly like that type of soil which is well_drained, moist, loamy and chalky. These survive best in alkaline and acidic rich soil.  The best level of PH for these plants lies between 5 to 6.5m.

Sunlight Needs: These soil have not to Demand any specific sunlight as they can survive both in full sun or partial shade. However, if you want its best result then it is mandatory to put these near full sun. These can also be grown in containers or plants pods.

Watering: As you know water plays an important role in the growth process of certain plants. But amazing thing is that these type of plants requires a little amount of water not too much needed.  It only requires a sufficient amount of water in its early growth. After that, you should care that they will never get soggy because it may harm their roots.

Fertilization:To make plants healthy and strong it is important to provide it suitable fertilizer. As the best quality are beneficial for plants. For this purpose apply the application of 10_10_10 for getting the best results of its growth.

Harvesting: Like other essential precautions, harvesting is also very necessary in the growth of plants. The best to harvest these bamboo plants is to wrap the seeds with the help of cotton paper.

Pruning: As you know maintaining the shape of plants is just as it can enhance the beauty of plants. So, this plant also required pruning and the best way to prune this plant is to cut the old bushes and deadhead. The best time to prune this plant is summer or spring.

Medical Uses:                       

Some of the beneficial medical uses of Alphonse Kar bamboo are mentioned below let’s have a look:

  • Beneficial in making herbal medicine.
  • Help to treat anxiety.
  • Reduce hair loss.
  • Useful in curing Cancer.

Final Verdict: These are beautiful plants as they are showy and can use to decorate certain occasions like weddings and parties.  In addition to this, these are used for making skin products and have many other medical uses.  The interesting thing is that the shoots of this plant are edible and you can use this as your food also. Along with this, these have no toxic effects so you have not to worry about your kids and pets. Significantly, you can grow it at your home to increase the beauty of your garden.

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