Osakazuki Japanese Maple Care And Growing Guide

If you want to bring bright colours to your garden but you don’t want to grow lots of mini flowers and plants then Osakazuki Japanese Maple is the best option for you. One of the most well-known plants that grow extremely fast. And it can grow up to 20 feet tall in minimal time. This plant is perfect for decorating your garden and giving it a super bright look.

Suitable Environment

This plant grows well in full drained soil with little moisture. This plant loves slightly acidic soil.

Genus: The genus of this flowering plant is Acer.

Origin: This plant is mostly found in South Korea and Japan.

Season: Its best blooming season is summer.

Maintenance: This plant doesn’t need high maintenance and frequent pruning. You can just add a good fertiliser in the spring season.

Sun Exposure: This plant thrives for full sun and it can also survive in partial shade.

Propagation: Its propagation is super easy. You can propagate it through grafting.

Watering Needs: This plant doesn’t need much water. It will grow well even with average watering.

Fragrance: This plant doesn’t have any fragrances.

Tips to save your maple: In the winter season, your plant may be damaged and it is difficult for it to survive. Must follow some tips given below.

  • Keep a cover or sheet to protect your maple plant from frost.
  • In frost, its leaves will get damaged and will shed quickly.
  • Remove the sheet or cover when the sun rises to provide full sunlight to your plant.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it evergreen?

Yes, the osakazuki Japanese maple plant is an evergreen plant that will give a super bright colour to your garden even in autumn.

How fast does the maple plant grow?

This is known as one of the most beautiful plants that grow super fast and it will grow approximately 20ft tall in only ten years.

Is it poisonous?

This plant is not edible but no such cases are there yet that claim it being a poisonous plant. So you can easily grow this colourful plant in your garden without any doubt.

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