Japanese Iris Care And Growing Tips

Japanese Iris is a very beautiful and stunning flower among all the others. Interestingly these flowers are commonly known as botanical butterflies. Because these flowers attract butterflies because of their colorful pollinators. Flawlessly, these flowers have perfect foliage along with smith lines. In addition to this, these flowers are considerably cold hardy, and simple to plant. Similarly, these flowers are about 3-4 feet tall and contain big and eye-catchy flowers that are about 10 m long. 


These flowers belong to the Iridaceae family and are first time introduced in Japan. Afterward, they are also available in Russia, Korea, and China. These are some of the widely grown ornaments flowers.

Where to Plant/ Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers are not intentionally fussy. The soil for these flowers must be moist and receives plenty of sunlight. If the area is hot then these flowers will prefer wet areas for example pond edge. Moreover, most individuals prefer to grow these flowers in the pot for providing them with great flexibility. Because these Japanese Iris loved to grow in moist soil.

Common Name:

There are different names for this flower such as  Japanese water iris, Japanese iris.

Scientific Name:

It also contains a unique scientific name that is Iris ensata var.


Iridaceae is the family of these flowers




Iris subg. Limniris


I. Ensata

Tips To Grow:

If the gardener wants to grow these flowers perfectly they here are some tips for them:

  • It is best to add some compost to the soil for the better growth of these flowers.
  • These flowers also need such soil that is slightly acidic.
  • Significantly, these Japanese water iris grows well when they receive good sunlight.
  • If they absorb bright light they can grow twice in number.
Frequently Asked Question:

1. What does iris Japanese symbolize?

These flowers are native to Japan and due to their purifying features. In addition to this these flowers are considered as the symbol of peace and harmony. Moreover, Japanese people use these flowers to avoid negative energies.

2. Is it possible that these flowers grow two times a year?

Yes, fortunately, these flowers can grow twice a year. For that purpose, it is important to break down all the flowering stems once they complete their blooming.

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