Iberis Sempervire | Candytuft | Perennial Candytuft

Iberis Sempervire plant is very pretty with small flowers that have a very pleasant scent. Its leaves are green and remain lively throughout the year. Most importantly this plant is used for ornamental purposes.

Suitable environment:

This plant is a big fan of heat and humidity and it hates Iberis Sempervire the frost and cold weather. Besides that this plant loves nutrient-rich soil and it can grow well in sandy and loamy areas.

Blooming season : This pretty plant loves to bloom in the spring season.

Size: The average height of this plant is about 12in and its breadth is approximately 16in.

Colour: This plant has pink, white and purple flowers and it has bluish and green leaves.

Origin: This plant has its origin in Southern Europe.

Specie: I sempervirens is the species of this plant.

Family:This plant belongs to the Brassicaceae family.

Order: Its order is Brassicales.

Genus: Its genus is Iberis.

Plant Type: This is a subshrub plant that produces nice attractive flowers in the spring season.

Sun exposure: This plant feels comfortable in full sun and also loves high temperatures.

Watering needs: This plant hardly thrives on water. But if the soil is extremely dry then you can sprinkle a little bit of water on it.

Fragrance: It has mildly scented flowers.

Other names: Some of the most common names of this plant include

  • Candytuft 
  • Perennial candytuft

Maintenance: This plant needs very minimal maintenance.

Characteristics:Some of the main characteristics of this plant are:

  • This is a showy ornamental plant.
  • Its flowers have a mild scent.
  • This is an evergreen plant.
  • Use in different remedies to cure diseases.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it an evergreen plant?  

This plant is evergreen that blooms in the spring season and its beautiful leaves remain fresh and bright throughout the year.

Is it scented?

Yes, this pretty plant has scented flowers.

Is it poisonous?

No, it’s not poisonous it is used for centuries to cure certain diseases.

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