Erysimum | Wallflower

Erysimum is one of the members of the cabbage family. Wallflowers or Erysimum is famous species among 150 species that are widely cultivated in various regions of the world. Significantly it is very simple to grow these flowers. And are attractive addition to make your garden more beautiful. These flowers are also hardy blooms. Soil: The soil for these flowers must be sandy and should receive full sunlight. Once these flowers grow fully they can tolerate drought. These flowers also can Resist dear.

Ideal For some places: Wallflowers are ideal for growing at birders and gardens. These flowers also make walkways eye-catchy.

Family: Brassicaceae is its family.

Genus: Erysimum L.

Plant Type:This flowering plant is Herbaceous and perennial.

Woody Plant Leaf Features: These flowers are generally deciduous.

Habit/Form:Wallflowers grow through mounding.

Growth Rate:Erysimum grows with normal speed.

Maintenance:There is no need to take extra care and maintenance of these flowers.

Light: Wallflower needs 6 hours sunlight/day.

Medical Uses: some part of the plant used in various treatments. Wallflower is best to cure:

  • liver diseases
  • constipation
  • gallbladder issues.

Tips to Grow: If any gardener follows the given tips they can have a better flowering plant.

  • It is beneficial to grow this plant in such soil that has a proper drainage system.
  • The soil must fertilized moderately.
  • Put some sand in wet soil. Because it is better for the healthy growth of this plant.
  • Average water is needs.
Frequently Asked Question:

What does the wallflower symbolize?

Wallflower is anciently used as a symbol of fidelity. That is given by one individual to another. It is considered a beautiful addition to bouquets.

Are there any toxic elements in Erysimum?

Flawlessly according to the research, there are no toxic elements in Erysimum or Wallflowers.

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