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Heliopsis are well known and evergreen plants. Furthermore, the flowers of this plant are available in yellow colour. Additionally, these can be useful as a houseplant to increase the Beauty of the garden.

Requirements To Grow Healthy Flowers:

For the healthy development of these flowers choose good drainage and moist soil.

Origin of Flower: It is native to dry prairies in South and North America.

Genus: Its genus is Heliopsis.

Family: The family of this plant is Asteraceae.

Tribe: The tribe of this plant is known as Heliantheae.

Height: Its height is about 3_6ft.

Bloom time : The best time for its blooming is June to August.

Exposure: Need moist soil or full sun.


It has some attractive characteristics.

  • Good cut.
  • Showy.

Water required: Medium water is sufficient.

Value of flower: It can attract butterflies and bees.

Maintenance: Low maintenance is enough.

Spread: It can spread about 2_4 feet.

Tolerate: These can tolerate hard, rocky, clay and drought soil.

Seasonal interest: Summer and spring are best for it.

Some important tips regarding to plant growth:

There are some essential tips given below that you must follow to save plant growth.

  • Provide average water regularly.
  • Place it near full sun.
  • Fertilization is needed.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What is the scientific name of this plant?

The scientific name of this plant is Heliopsis.

2. Is these plants are toxic?

No, these plants are non-toxic because it has no toxic effect so without any fear you can use this as a houseplant.

3. What is the common name of helopsis?

Helopsis is commonly known as ox_eye daisy or oxeye sunflower.

4. Is these flowers are edible?

Yes, these are edible because of its mild taste so you can use these in as in garnishing of salads

5. What does helopsis symbolize?

The Heliopsis symbolize trust, prosperity and love.

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