Blue Echeveria | Plush plant | Maroon Chenille Plant | Copper Rose

Blue Echeveria is succulents that remains green. Additionally, they form an attractive rosette that is packed with blueish-green and fleshy leaves. In the spring season, this plant grows up to 8 feet’s tall. Along with this small yellow and orange flowers start growing on it. The painted lady is another name of this flower. It is ideal to make green roofs, gardens and containers eye-catchy.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

It is best to provide these flowers morning sunlight. And protect them from afternoon hot sunlight exposure. These flowers grow better in low-moist and well-drained soil. The soil should also contain nutrients that are beneficial for these flowers.

Common Name:

There are many other names for this flower such as

  • Plush plant
  • Maroon chenille plant
  • Copper Rose
  • Wax rosette
  • Painted lady

Scientific Name:  This flower is scientifically known as Echeveria glauca.

Family: The Wax rosette is a member of the Crassulaceae family.

Initial Color:  The initial Color of these flowers is blue-green.

Other colours:  Later on, Echeveria glauca change its colour to pink.

Ideal Light Guidelines:  Painted lady thrives to grow in partial sunlight, filtered soil and indoor bright lights.

Height: The maximum height of the echeveria plant is 3”.


  • These flowers grow in the form of a rosette.
  • Qualities of Blue Echeveria:
  • These flowers are very simple to propagate.
  • It is not harmful to living things.
  • Attractive and pleasant.

Tips for healthy growth:

  • If the gardener wants the best growth of his blue Echeveria plant then follows some tips:
  • Grow this flowering plant in ideal drainage soil.
  • It is crucial to place it in the morning sunlight.
  • Do not overwater your plant.
  • The temperature in the surrounding of this plant should be appropriate.


  • These wax rosettes don’t require high care and maintenance.
  • Perfect for all types of gardens because of its reasonable price.
  • Ideal for a birthday present.
Frequently Asked Question:

Why the leaves of Echeveria falls off?

The main reason behind the falling of Echeveria leaves is bad watering habits. If the gardener water it over or under its need then this problem can occur. So provide it water in average amount.

Is Echeveria poisonous to humans?

No these flowers are completely safe for humans, pets and birds.

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