How To Plant and Care Aeonium Canariense

Aeonium canariense is a beautiful evergreen plant with soft and fleshy leaves. Aeonium canariense is everyone’s favourite and attracts colourful butterflies. Its flowers resemble small stars and look super adorable.

Suitable environment:

This adorable plant loves fully drained soil. This innocent plant can also survive in dry sandy areas with less consumption of water. Its maintenance is extremely easy and simple.

Blooming season :

Its favourite seasons are

  • Late spring
  • Early summer

Size: Its maximum size is approximately 27 inches tall.

Specie: Its specie is A. canariense.

Origin: This beautiful plant is a native of the Canary Islands.

Genus: Its genus is Aeonium

Family: This cute plant belongs to the Crassulaceae family.

Order: Its order is Saxifragales.

Sun exposure: This plant enjoys partial shade  and it can also tolerate full sun

Plant type: It’s a flowering plant.

Watering needs : It’s important to water this plant occasionally to balance the moisture of the soil.

Fragrance: It doesn’t have any strong fragrance.

Diseases: This plant is very much pests resistant and it’s not prone to disease.

Maintenance :

Follow these tips for the best results.

  • Place your plant mostly in partial shade.
  • Make sure the drainage system is perfect to avoid root rot.
  • Water your plant occasionally.
  • This plant can survive indoor places as well so you can keep it inside your house.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it evergreen?

Yes, this is one of the luckiest plants that remain beautiful in all seasons.  This evergreen plant looks so adorable and will not change its colour and will look fresh in all seasons.

How to propagate aeonium canariense?

This plant can be easily propagated by seeds and cuttings. The difference between both processes is that through seeds it will take much time and chances of propagation are limited. While through cuttings it propagates much faster and chances of growth are maximum.

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