Caring Tips For Caesalpinia Gilliesii

Caesalpinia gilliesii eye-catchy flowers grow up to 1-4 feet tall and it depends upon the rainfall. This flowering plant contains bipinnate leaves that are long estimated at 10-15cm. Each flower of this plant contains more than 4 to 5 petals in yellowish colour along with red stamens. Importantly, the pods of these flowers are fully covered with red tiny hairs.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These paradise flowers growing healthily in Sandy, clay, loamy and good drainage soil. It thrives to grow in such soil that contains a good amount of alkaline. Additionally, these Gold Mohurs prefers to grow in shady places.

Scientific Name:

Caesalpinia gilliesii

Common name:

The common names of this flower are also very interesting such as

  • Bird-of-paradise
  • Paradise flower
  • Gold Mohur
  • Desert Bird of Paradise.

Origin: These flowers were first time found in Argentina and Uruguay.

Family: It is one of the members of the Fabaceae family.

Species: The species of this flower is Caesalpinia gilliesii.

Genus: Caesalpinia

Plant condition: This plant remains evergreen and grows widely in northern parts of the world.

Flower colours: Yellow

Uses Of Desert Bird Of Paradise:

Significantly these are different benefits uses of these flowers that are mentioned below:

  • This flowing plant is useful in curing cough, sores and fever.
  • It is used to treat abdominal issues and vomiting.
  • Its roots are beneficial to induce abortion in the first three months.
Frequently Asked Question:
  1. Are paradise flowers are dangerous for dogs?

Well, the seeds of this flowering plant are different to digest and can cause oral irritation, diarrhoea and drooling in dogs.

2.Is it true that Caesalpinia is invasive?

It is crucial to trim these flowers yearly. These yellow flowers might be invasive in landscapes so it is essential to keep them contained.

3. What is the ideal time to grow paradise flowers?

The season in which these flowers grows to its fullest start from May till September. So it is good to plant these flowers in this season for better flowering results.

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