How To Grow Trumpet Lily | Lilium Longiflorum

Trumpet lily is a masterpiece of nature. It is broad fragrant flowering with outward petals that are so pretty. These flowers resemble the shape of a trumpet that is the reason why it is known as trumpet lilies. This flowering plant is also called Easter lily. This pretty flower will be the best option to brighten up any garden.

Scientific name: Its scientific name is Lilium longiflorum.

Family: This fragrant flowering plant belongs to the family of Liliaceae.

Order: Its order is  Liliales.

Suitable environment:

Lily plants are not choosy about soil and environment, they can tolerate different harsh weather conditions. But the best place to plant your lily is in moist soil with a well-drained system.

Fragrance:Trumpet lily flowers are extremely fragrant. They will make your entire garden smells really good in the evenings.

Size:The average lily plant can grow up to 5 feet tall.

Watering:Water your lily when you feel the topmost surface of the soil is dry. Or you can water your plant once a week. During their active growth in the spring and summer season lilies require more water intake.

Blooming season:The enchanting and fragrant trumpet flowers bloom in the mid-summer season.

Blooming span:Most of the varieties of trumpet lilies bloom only once a year. Each plant will produce fragrance fresh flowers for four weeks maximum. But some rare varieties can produce flowers throughout the summer season.

Colours:These are one of the plants that have a huge variety of colours including fresh pink, pure white, bright yellow, golden and plum.

Sun exposure:Lily plants thrive for full sun. But also don’t mind partial shade.


Fungal Disease:Lily plants are highly prone to fungal diseases. So it’s very important to keep an eye on this deadly disease because it will destroy your plant gradually.

Root rot disease:Besides that root rot is common in lily plants that can ruin the whole plant, so always water your plant carefully.


With average care, you can make your plant grow well and faster.

Provide enough sunlight.

Water the plant when needed.

Pinch off the dead flowers.

Fertilizer:A balanced amount and concentration of fertiliser can do wonders for your plant.

It will increase the growth rate.

A good fertiliser will help the plant to bloom more flowers.

Trimming: The trimming of trumpet lilies is extremely important. Cut off the flowers from the stem when they fade up, otherwise, flowers will start making seeds in them and all the energy of the plant will be consumed by these seeds. So for healthy growth and maximum blooming flowers pinch off the dead flowers.

  • Trumpet lilies are extremely fragrant flowering plants.
  • They have beautiful foliage and wonderful huge flowers.
  • These flowering plants are used for ornamental purposes.

Propagation:Trumpet lilies can be grown through seeds and cuttings. If you are an impatient person and want quick results then plant the cuttings into the soil and water it, your baby trumpet lily will grow in a month. And if you have patience then sow seeds into the soil and wait for at least three months then small stems of the trumpet lily will appear and you have to wait for more for flowers production.

Toxicity:Trumpet lilies are extremely toxic for animals because these plants have high concentrations of calcium oxalate. If ingested by humans it will cause an instant reaction to the body and will lead to severe stomach pain and nausea. If didn’t treat in time it can cause severe health issues.

Conclusions:Trumpet lilies are one of the most sophisticated, fragrant and beautiful flowers in the world. They are not moody and don’t require much maintenance and care. Besides that their fragrance is mind-blowing. These flowers should be planted in all gardens.

Alternative Plants:

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