Cistus Purpureus plant | Orchid Spot Rock Rose

Cistus purpureus or rockrose are perennial shrubs that remain green through the year. These flowers are widely found in various regions of the world such as Portugal, the Mediterranean, South Europe and Lebanon. These like attractive shrubs grows up to 4-6 feet high and 6 feet in width. These rock roses grow in pink color and bloom from spring till summer. It has dull, wavy and dense greenish leaves.

Scientific Name: Cistus purpureus.

Common Names: The other names for cistus purpureus are Betty Taudevin, Rockrose and Orchid spot rock rose.

Genus: The genus of orchard rose is Cistus.

Leaves: It has broad green leaves.

Flowers: Rock roses grow in unique pink color.

Growing time: The best time to grow this plant is in spring.

Deer tolerant: Yes these flowers are deer tolerant.

Winter hardiness zone: It can tolerate up to 15-20°F in winters.

Cistus Purpureus Plant Care Size and Growth:

These pretty eye-catchy flowers grow at normal speed and their average height is 3-4 feet high and 3-4 feet in width. In addition to this, its leaves grow along with stems in opposite pairs and have a dull green color.

Flowering and Fragrance: The unique flowers of the cistus purpureus plant are appealing to the senses because of their amazing light fragrance. These flowers grow in white to pinkish purple color. And at the base of each petal, you will see bright red blotches. These flowers are just like bowls and each flower consist of five petals and hence have a short life span.

Light and Temperature: It is very important to grow this flowering plant in sheltered areas but it should receive good sunlight. Significantly, it is perfect to plant these flowers in regions that have west or east sun exposure. Cistus purpureus can tolerate the winter hardiness zone range from 7-10.

Watering: Interestingly, these flowers can tolerate dry conditions well and do not demand any high maintenance and care. And these flowers grow perfectly in hot climate regions. And once rockrose gets fully developed they only need water occasionally.

Soil: Rockrose can grow well in any type of soil whether it is well-drained or poorly drained. Sandy, loamy, clay any type of soil is good for this plant.

  • When these flowers grow fully they do not require high-level pruning and look after.
  • You can trim these flowers to maintain their shape.
  • The dead flowers fall automatically so you do not need to pick them off.
  • If you prune them harshly Cistus purpureus will not grow well.
  • With time, this plant becomes woody as well as leggy.

Pest and Diseases: These purple-flowered rock roses usually do not face pests and other serious diseases. In case, these flowers are watered in excessive amounts then they will face issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is This Plant Toxic for living things?

However, these flowers don’t have toxic elements but are also not recommended to eat. Cistus purpureus are considered ornamental shrubs.

2. What is the family name of these flowers?

These flowers are members of the Cistaceae rock roses family.

3. Are rockrose invasive?

We can not call these flowers invasive because they grow smoothly on the US West Coast and in the South regions.

4. What are the uses of Cistus Purpureus Plant?

These flowers are ideal to plant on banks and slopes. In addition to this, you can add these flowers to city gardens, and various informal settings.


To conclude, we want to highlight the major characteristics of Cistus Purpureus. These flowers are considered as one of the eye-catchy flowers all over the world. In addition to this, you do not need to worry about its look after because this plant doesn’t need any high care. These flowers are best to decorate your gardens, lawns and another favorite place. So read this article and get all the essential details related to Betty Taudevin flowers.

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