How To Grow and Care Lion Tail Plant

Lion tail plant is one of the plant species in the mint family and are famous for their medical properties. Additionally, the plant has orange flowers which grows in tabular shapes.

Suitable place for Lion tail plant:

For the better growth of this plant it is important to put it near light shade, full sun. And it needs well moist soil. Besides that, it can tolerate rough soil but it is essential to take care of this plant in the cold season.

Origin of Flower: It is native to Southern Africa and South Africa.

Genus: Its genus is Leonotis.

Family: It belongs to the family of Lamiaceae.

Species: The species of this flower is  known as L. Leonurus.

Height: The height of this flowering plant is about 120cm_ 180cm.

Water requirement: It needs average water.

Tolerance: Wild dagga can tolerate rough and drought soil.

Attracts: These flowers can easily attract hummingbirds, butterflies and Birds.

Garden Uses: These flowers are useful for Borders and Beds.

Seasonal interest: This plant appreciate summer and spring.

Exposure: It can better survive in a well moist or partial shaded area.

Plant Type: The plant type of this flower is a shrub.

Tips to better grow this plant:

Following are some important tips that you must follow to protect this plant and these are given below:

  • Full sun, moist and light shade area is best.
  • Fertilization and watering daily are necessary.
  • Keep away this plant from cold places as it can harmful to its growth.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What is the Scientific name of this plant?

The scientific name of this plant is Leonotis leonurus.

2. How you can propagate lion tail?

You can easily propagate lion tail by seeds or by cutting green woods in summer or spring.

3. What is the common name of this plant?

The common name of this plant is wild dagga.

4. Is lion tail is useful?

Yes, it is a very useful plant as it can cure respiratory infections, hepatitis, muscular pain, headache and fever.

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