How To Care Hosta Blue Angel

Hosta Blue Angel is a beautiful plant with wide bluish leaves Hosta blue angel is famous for shade gardens. The texture of the leaves is very beautiful with the visible impression of veins. Its mild fragrance is soothing.

Suitable environment :

It will perform excellently in well-drained and moist soil. Besides that, it enjoys the sun in the morning and shade all day.

Blooming season : This plant blooms in the spring season.

Size: The average size of the Hosta is approximately 36 inches.


It’s native to

  • Korea
  • Japan
  • China

Family: Its family is Plantain Lilies

Sun exposure: This plant loves the sun only in the morning otherwise this plant performs well in partial shade.

Watering needs : Its watering needs are average.

Fragrance: This bluish plant has a mild fragrance.

Other names:

Its other common names include

  • Plantain Lily.
  • Sieboldiana.
Maintenance tips for hosta:
  • This plant needs little care and maintenance for its proper growth and survival. Follow some easy tips to make your plant live longer.
  • When the plant reaches its growth in the spring season add balanced fertiliser.
  • The soil of this plant should be well moist.
  • Avoid overwatering your plant because it will damage its roots.
  • Provide balance sunlight to this plant.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big does this plant grow?

This is a huge plant with nice blue leaves. The average height of this plant grows up to 36 inches tall. And its width is approximately 48 inches.

Do Hosta requires much water?

It’s all about the condition of weather, the exposure to sun and the area in which your Hosta is placed. In extremely hot weather you have to water your plant daily. In moderate weather you can water your plant three times a week. And if your plant is exposed to full sunlight then make sure to water it regularly to prevent it from getting dehydrated.

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