How To Care Ajugareptans

Ajugareptans flowers are also known as ground pine. Additionally, these Ajugareptans are evergreen perennials and are versatile. For the coverage of the ground, these flowers are ideal. Most of the individuals used these for the coverage of various landscapes and ground areas in the garden. Simply, these just bugles are long-lasting, easy to maintain, and eye-catchy.

Scientific Name: The scientific name of this flower is reptans ‘Chocolate Chip.

Common Names: We can also call these flowers ground pine, just bugle, bugleweed, and ground pine.

Origin: Ground pines are native to Europe.

Family:  Lamiaceae is its belonging family.

Genus: Ajuga

Species: Reps

Characteristics: Semi-evergreen and broadleaf evergreen. 

Light: It needs minimum sunlight approximately 2 hours.

Soil Texture: Good drainage soil.

Available Space To Plant: These flowers do not occupy much space to grow less than 12 inches.

Flower Color: These flowers are available in purple and blue colors.

Flower Inflorescence: Spike

Flower Bloom Time: Spring

  • The basic use of these flowers is to cover ground areas.
  • Another beneficial use for these flowers is that they can use to covers such areas where lawns are impossible to design.
  • Best to plant on banks and slopes.
  • Also ideal for little areas, small spaces and containers.
Tips To Grow:
  • Well, drained soil is best for the healthy growth of these flowers.
  • To clarify this, these flowers need high-quality fertilizers.
  • 3 to 4 hours of sunlight is enough for these flowers.
Frequently Asked Question:

Is it true that these flowers are edible?

Yes, these flowers are edible. Because these ground pines are widely used in herbal tea and salads like dandelions.

Do Ajugareptans have a fragrance?

This flowering plant belongs to the mint family and contains a beautiful, delicate and attractive fragrance. Due to their pleasant scent, most people grow them in their gardens.

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