Growing and Caring Oenothera speciosa

A bright pinkish flowering plant Oenothera speciosa looks so cool. Besides its beauty and mild fragrance, this plant has amazing characteristics. The flowers of this plant open in the evening and close in the daytime during sunlight. This is an ornamental plant that can be grown well with less water. You can grow it through its seeds.

Suitable environment :

This cute pinkish flowering plant performs well in cool places with minimal sunlight. Besides that its water requirements are minimal. This plant loves partial to full shade.

Common name: This showy plant is commonly known as Evening Primrose.

Specie: Its specie is  O. speciosa .

Order: Its order is Myrtales

Family : This plant belongs to the Onagraceae family.

Genus : The genus of this flowering plant is Oenothera.

Blooming season: This pinkish flowering plant blooms from late spring till early summer season.

Plant Type : This is a flowering plant with baby pink flowers.

Color: The color of its flowers is mostly baby pink and its leaves are dark green.

Size: This plant usually grows 10 ft high and 18  inches wide.

Fragrance : This has a mild fragrance.

Watering needs: This plant has below to average watering requirements.

Sun Exposure: This plant does not thrive for full sun.

Maintenance: It can grow well with minimal maintenance.

Growth: This beautiful plant can be grown with the help of seeds. But this takes much time and effort. One has to be very patient while growing this plant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it edible?

This is a non-toxic plant. But it’s not preferred by most people as food.

Does it have any fragrance?

Yes, this plant has showy pink flowers that have a mild fragrance.

Can I grow it in my garden?

Of course, this is a flowering plant that can be grown for ornamental purposes in all types of gardens.

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