Heartleaf Ice Plant Complete Caring Guide

Heartleaf Ice Plant is an extremely pretty flowering plant with nice small heart-shaped leaves and bright red or pink flowers. This plant is best for all kinds of gardens. It can be used as an ornamental plant.

Species: Its species is M. cordifolium.

Family: This plant belongs to the family of Aizoaceae.

Order:Its order is Caryophyllales.

Genus: The genus of the baby sun rose is Mesembryanthemum.

Kingdom:This is a flowering plant that belongs to the kingdom Plantae.

Colour:The stem of the plant is bright green and its flowers are pinkish, reddish with a nice yellowish centre

Fragrance:This plant doesn’t have any strong and sweet fragrance.

Famous names:

The baby sun rose has so many famous names including:

  • aptenia
  • heart-leaf
  • red aptenia
  • heartleaf ice plant

Propagation: Heartleaf Ice Plant is super easy to grow. You can propagate it through seeds as well as cuttings. Just take a small stem from a mature plant and place it into the soil. The roots will begin to establish soon and the plant will start growing gradually. If you want to grow the plant from seeds then you have to put the seeds into soft and fertile soil in the summer season.

Fertilizer:Usually, this flowering plant does not need any fertiliser. But still, if you are concerned about the proper growth and nourishment of your plant then it’s recommended to feed your plant with liquid fertiliser during the blooming season. For full nourishment fertilise it twice a year.

Size:The average size of a Heartleaf Ice Plant is approximately 4 inches tall.

Tips to take care of in winters :
  • This flowering plant is fragile and will not survive in harsh and cold weather.
  • It is recommended to keep this miniature plant indoors to protect it from freezing temperatures.
  • Make sure it’s getting enough sunlight otherwise it will die soon.

Trimming:Mostly the baby sun rose does not require regular trimming. But to keep it in a nice compact form it’s recommended to trim its edges once in two months. And you can also trim the dead stems damaged due to cold weather in winters to keep the look fresh and nice. Trimming the plant allows it to grow much better and faster.

Watering:Water your plant on alternative days. And it’s very important to keep the drainage on point. Otherwise, this plant will not survive because of root rot.

Sun exposure:This cute flowering plant thrives for full sun.

Blooming season:The beautiful red flowers of this plant start blooming in early spring.

Pests and diseases:

Usually, this plant is not prone to diseases and is also pest-free. This plant can survive well for a long period if you will water it occasionally. One disease that can damage the roots is called root rot. This occurs mostly because of excessive water or a bad drainage system.

Maintenance:This pretty plant requires minimum to no maintenance.

Toxicity:This cute bright plant is not toxic.

Edible: This plant can be consumed by humans because there is nothing harmful in it.


Here are some characteristics of the baby sun rose that makes this plant worth planting.

  • It’s an evergreen plant.
  • This is a cute small plant.
  • It can perform well in full sun.
  • This pretty plant has beautiful heart shaped leaves.
  • It has nice spiky flowers.
  • The colour combination of this plant is extremely beautiful.
  • This best option for  garden decorations.

Conclusion:This plant can be grown in approximately all types of gardens. These flowering plants will add a beautiful colour and life to your garden. This is an evergreen plant with a very nice texture and a pretty colour combination. You can plant it in your garden if you are a lazy person because it doesn’t require much effort to take care of.



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