Dinner Plate Dahlia Planting Instructions And Growing Guide

Dinner Plate Dahlia are the one who loves and want giant ornamental flowers in your garden then Dinner plate dahlia is the best possible choice. This is a huge flowering plant that produces approximately 11 – 12 flowers in its blooming season. The flowers are super fascinating and lovely that will boost up the entire look of your garden.

Suitable environment: The soil should be well moist and highly fertile with proper drainage.

Blooming season : Its season of interest in summer.

Size: The size of the stem is about 4ft and the average size of flowers is 11 inches.

Plant Type: This is a flowering plant that produces huge faint flowers.

Sun exposure: These giant flowers appreciate the full sun and most importantly they enjoy the morning sunlight than anything else.

Watering needs: This plant has a few tricky watering requirements. It is recommended not to water your plant if it’s not bearing flowers. But during its blooming season, you can water it twice a week. And if the weather is super dry and extremely hot then water it frequently.

Fragrance: There is no doubt that Dahlia is one of the prettiest plants but no variety of this plant has a strong scent. Most of them are without fragrance.

Maintenance: Some of the valuable tips for your plant healthy life are:

  • Water your plant frequently in hot summer.
  • Must use a high-quality liquid fertiliser for your plant to nourish it completely.
  • Most importantly keep your plant in a place where there is a supporting system for giant plants to prevent them from breaking.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I grow this plant in a small pot?

It’s not recommended to grow Dinner plate dahlia in a small container. Because this is a huge flowering plant and needs enough space for its growth so in small pots its growth will get affected.

Is it edible?

No, this plant is mostly used for ornamental purposes and there is no such evidence that supports the fact it’s edible.

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