Crimson Fire Loropetalum | Chinese Fringe

Crimson Fire is one of the members of the Loropetalum family. These are read-leaf and compact size flowers. The unique character of these flowers is that they can grow in all seasons. Because the foliage is rich ruby-red due to which they can persist full year. Significantly these crimson Fires are ideal for small foundations and gardens.

Suitable place To Grow:

Loropetalum grows beautifully in such a soil that is drained, moist and is preferably acidic. When the garden plant these flowers it is crucial to provide good water to these flowers.

Common Name: Another name for Crimson Fire is Chinese fringe.

Scientific Name: Loropetalum chinense var is it’s scientific name.

Plant Family: These flowers belong to the Loropetalum family.

Species: Its species is Chinese var. rubrum.


 These flowers attract little living organisms Attracts

•       Butterflies

•       Humming-birds

Resistance: These flowers can Resist deers.


Crimson Fire are

•       Mounding

•       Compact

Light Needs:

Chinese Fringe needs

•       Partial shades

•       Good sunlight

Foliage The foliage of these flowers remains evergreen.

Ideal Season:

Chinese Fringe can grow all season but the ideal season for these flowers is:

•       Spring

•       Fall

Growth Rate:

The growth rate of these flowers is moderate.

•       Moderate

Soil Moisture:

The soil for the growth of Crimson Fire needs

•       Normal amount of water

•       Good drainage system

Characteristics of Loropetalum:

These flowers have some amazing features such as :

•  Remains evergreen.

•  Ideal to grow in containers.

•  These flowers require little care and maintenance.

•  If anyone wants to decorate beds or borders Chinese Fringe is perfect for them.

•  These flowers can tolerate drought and heat.

Tips To Grow Healthy Flowers:

  • There is no fixed time to grow these flowers.
  • Individuals can grow Loropetalum at any time throughout the year.
  • If the gardener plant these flowers in summer then provides them with good water.
  • These flowers are adaptable and loves to grow in full sunlight.
  • Slightly acidic soil is more preferable.
Frequently Asked Question:

What is the average height of Loropetalum flowers?

These flowers grows rarely up to 10 feet. But the normal height of this flowering plant is 5 feet.

Where Chinese Fringe was originated?

Chinese Fringe was the first time originated in China, Himalayas and Japan.

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