Citronella Geranium | Mosquito plant | Citrosa | Citronella-scented geranium

Citronella Geranium is another amazing flower that has evergreen, soft green, thoroughly cut, perennial and serrated leaves. These flowers attract individuals towards themselves because of their pleasant citrus fragrance. The average height of these flowers is around about 60-90 cm. Significantly these flowers grow perfectly in dry and warm regions. It is best to grow Geraniums in a huge container or a decent garden.

Suitable Requirements To grow:

It is crucial to place these flowers in direct sunlight. These flowers tolerate normal shades. Interestingly these flowers are adaptable to various soils such as moist, well-drained and fertilized soil.

Common Name:

The other names for citronella Geranium are

  • Mosquito plant
  • Citrosa
  • Citronella-scented geranium

Scientific Name: Its scientific name is Pelargonium citrosum.

Climate: This plant prefers to grow in temperate and hot weather. 

Plant Type: These are perennial flowering plants.

Soil Type: The soil for these flowers can be sandy, chalky or loamy.

Hardiness: Its hardiness zone range from 9 – 12;


There are various advantageous uses of Citrosa.

  • These flowers possess a lemon-like scent and can protect more than 10 square feet area from mosquitoes.
  • So in the hot summers, this plant is best to protect your beloved fines from mosquitoes.
  • These flowers are best to minimize the risk o Zika, malaria and dengue.
  • The leaves of this plant are also very beneficial. Just crush its leaves and inhale them for overcoming headache, fatigue.
  • Flawlessly these flowers are best to enhance energy levels in human bodies.
Frequently Asked Question:

Are there any toxic elements in the Mosquito plant?

This flowering plant is one of the members of the geranium family. Unfortunately, these flowers are dangerous for the health of animals. Because they contain linalool and geraniol that are highly toxic elements.

Which kind of health issue do geranium flowers cause?

Citrosa flowers can cause serious gastrointestinal distress.

Are mosquitoes plant leaves edible?

Yes, the flowers, as well as leaves of this plant, are edible.

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