Beautiful Salvia Hot lips Caring and Growing Information

Salvia Hot lips plants are so pretty and available with a height of 3.3_ 4 m tall. In addition to this, the leaves of this plant have various sizes, ovate shapes; the texture is light and smooth. Moreover, the leaves have a pleasant smell you can say like a mint.

 It is considered a very complex species that easily hybridize. Instead of that, it starts blooming first year. The Interesting thing is that its attractive look enhances the beauty of your lawn so you can use this flower as a houseplant.

Suitable place for Salvia Hot lips:

For protecting salvia Hot lips it is essential to put it near well_ drained or moist soil. it is good for you if you put it near a path, or bench so that you can feel its awesome fragrance.

Origin of Flower:

It is native to the mountains of southern Mexico, eastern, western, and also in southeastern Arizona.


Its genus is Salvia.


The family of this flower is Lamiaceae.


  • There are some uses of this plant given below:
  • Easily attract butterflies.
  • Use as a houseplant.
  • Provide pleasant fragrance.

Tips to better grow this plant:

Following are some important tips given below that you should follow to get better growth:

  • Provide well drained or moist soil.
  • Fertilization and watering regularly.
  • Pruning is essential to protect it from damage.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:
  1. What is the scientific name of this plant?

The scientific name of this plant is Salvia macrophilia Hot lips.

2. Is this plant is toxic?

No, these have no toxic impact reportedly as these may be useful and attractive for insects like butterflies.

3. What is the common name of this flower?

The common name of this flower is Hot lips sage.

4. How you can grow salvia hot lips?

It is easy to grow this plant by simply providing a sunny area or proper watering.

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