Tips To Grow Lantana Montevidensis

Lantana montevidensis flowers are one of the most attractive and stunning flowers that grow up to 12-29 inches. Interestingly, these flowers are in the form of sprawling and low shrubs. Each stem of these flowers look like a vine and grows up to five feet. There are various interesting colours in these flowers such as lilac, purple and pink. Additionally, the leaves of these flowers have little hairs on them and are in green colour. Flawlessly these flowers attract butterflies and bees mostly.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers are comfortably grown in such soil that has perfect drainage and medium moisture. Sunlight also plays a fundamental role in its development. Moreover, these flowers love to tolerate little shades. And produced the best flowers in plenty of sunlight. Another ideal situation for these flowers is dry soil. It doesn’t need plenty of water. An occasional water system is ideal for them.

Plant Type:

These flowers are considered Perennials plants or shrubs.


We can call these flowers weeping lantana or trailing lantana. Native to South America tropical regions. But if the surrounding area of these flowers is trailing, and low then these shrubs grow only up to 20 feet’s.

Scientific Name:

Lantana montevidensis is it’s scientific name.

Common Names:

There are different names for this flower such as weeping lantana, small lantana, Lantana or purple lantana.

Species: L. montevidensis

Family: Verbenaceae is its belonging species.

Genus: Lantana


There are various fundamental uses of these flowers such as:

These flowers can be used to cover the ground surfaces.

If you want to avoid erosion on hillsides or banks then these flowers are great helpers.

Ideal flowers that look stunning in hanging baskets.

Tips To Grow Healthy Lantana:

It is crucial to give water to these flowers on daily basis for the development of their roots.

These flowers can tolerate drought.

If you want good blooming results then water it about one inch every week.

Frequently Asked Question:

Why lantana flowers are dangerous?

These flowers are bad and dangerous because they contain toxic elements that are harmful to the cattle specifically. Moreover due to which it plays a major role in economic loss.

Which birds are attracted by these flowers?

These flowers are some of the favourite flowers of hummingbirds and butterflies. Because of their attractive colours such as pink, white, red, yellow, orange etc.


Dwarf Iris.

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