Tips To Grow Crassula Perforata

Crassula perforata flowers are commonly known as String of Buttons. Similarly, Crassula is a shrub succulent and grows amazingly in indoor places. The leaves of these flowers grow in a triangle shape and are oppositely grow one another. These leaves spiral account the stems. Its leaves are in greenish-grey colour and also possess at its edges pinkish tints.

There are various colours available in these flowers such as pink, blue, green and grey. You can make your place beautiful by planting these flowers.

Cmmon Name(s):

The common names of these flowers are also very interesting such as

  • Pagoda
  • Necklace vine
  • String of Buttons

Scientific Name: Crassula perforata

Family: Its belong family is Crassulaceae.

Height and Width: Additionally, these flowers grow up to 30-60 cm tall, and 60-90 cm in width.

Light: It is essential to provide partial shades and light to these flowers.          

Water: Significantly it is important to give water to these flowers when their soil gets dry.

Soil Requirements: Moreover, it is crucial to plant these flowers in Sandy or loamy but we’ll drain soil.

Fertilizer: For the extra care and maintenance of these flowers, fertilizer plays an essential role.

Pests & Diseases: The common disease that can harm Sting of Buttons includes Aphids, Root rot, Vine weevils and. mealybugs

Tips to Grow Healthy Flowers:

Few essential tips will help you to grow healthy Crassula perforata.

  • It is fundamental to select a place for these flowers that can receive partial sunlight and partial shades.
  • For this succulent average amount of water is beneficial.
  • The soil must be sandy or clay.
Frequently Asked Question:

1. Are Pagoda poisonous for animals?

According to the research these flowers doesn’t contains toxic elements. Due to which they will not cause any trouble for animals like cats and dogs.

2. Where these flowers were first time introduced?

These flowers were first time introduced in South Africa.

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