Snow Queen Hydrangea | Oakleaf Hydrangea

Snow Queen Hydrangea is known for its extremely unique leaves and clusters of blooms of flowers. It has a very pleasant look. And is suitable for all types of gardens. Besides all its other qualities an important feature of this plant is that its season of interest is quite long. In the fall season, its leaves change their colour from a dark purple to red and this is a very refreshing thing. Grow this pretty plant in your gardens and give your gardens a very dramatic and beautiful look.

Suitable environment :The best environment for this plant is super fertile soil with enough moisture and proper drainage. A positive thing about this plant is that it can survive in extremely dry weather.

Blooming season :Its flower blooms in spring but it’s an evergreen plant that remains fresh in summer and fall as well.

Size:Its approximate height is 6 ft.

Common name:Oakleaf hydrangea is the most common name of this plant.

Colour:In spring and summer, this plant has deep green leaves and whitish flowers. While in winter and fall the colour of its leaves changes into a dark purple shade.

Family:This plant belongs to the Hydrangeas family.

Plant Type: This is a shrub plant with yellow clusters of flowers.

Sun exposure :This is an easy-going plant that can tolerate both full and partial sun.

Watering needs :It will perform well even with average watering.

Fragrance :This plant has a mild pleasant fragrance.

Maintenance: This plant can survive with low maintenance and minimal tale care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When should I prune snow queen hydrangea?

It’s important to prune snow queen hydrangea when its blooming season ends. This will make your plant grow well and it will produce more blooms next year.

Is it harmful to humans?

This plant is toxic to humans and can upset the stomach if ingested. Its leaves can also cause skin irritation and itching.

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