Queen Palm Plant And Complete Growing Guide

Queen palm plant is the evergreen, elegant plant that has a straight slender trunk and feather-like fronds that can reach about 2_5 in length. Additionally, creamy flowers are produced within its leaves during the summer or spring months. Most importantly, these are disease-free plants as you never face any difficulty with special precautions. These are beneficial in decorating special occasions like weddings parties or any other functions. Along with this, these are nonpoisonous plants as you do not feel worried about your kids and pets. The interesting thing about this plant is that it offers very delightful fruit and you can use this in making different salads. The growing process of this plant is simple and easy as you can grow it anywhere comfortably.                                                                   

Common Name:The common name of this plant is Sygrus romanzoffia and cocus palm.

Scientific Name: This plant is scientifically called Queen Palm Plant.

Family: This belongs to the family of Arecaceae.

Genus: Its genus is Syagrus.

Species:S. Romanzoffiana.

Hardiness Zone:The USDA hardiness zone for these plants is 9_11.

Height:These are easy growing plants and can grow about 5 m long.

Origin:This Queen palm plant was first discovered in South America.

Regions where these are naturalized:

These plants are naturalized in Honduras, Queensland and Florida.

Soil Needs:These plants like that type of soil that is well_draimed but able to hold sufficient moisturizer. One essential thing that you should always remember is that the pH of the soil is determined only through the test of soil rather than the pH level of the tree. Besides that, it demands acidic soil because it is best to grow it best.

Sunlight Needs:These plants mostly like full sun but can survive in little shade also. For the early stage of the plant, it is better to place it in some shade with some quantity of full sun. You can place it in the pot during its beginning period for its better growth.

Watering:As you know water is also a very necessary element in the process of growing plants. Additionally, the adult palm should water deeply and soak the soil 2 to 3 feet and the trunk of width about 5 feet. Most probably, you should water it daily during the summer every seven to 10 days and it must decrease in winters for two to three weeks.


For the healthy growth of this plant, it is important to fertilize it after some time. Apply 4 applications of 1_1/2 pounds of granular fertilizer per squat. The best to fertilize this plant is Mid spring or summer.

Harvesting:Harvesting is also important to make continuous and healthy growth. The best way to harvest this plant is to wrap the seeds with cotton paper.

Pruning:To make and to look plants better it is important to prune them after some time when you noticed it needs pruning. The best way to prune this plant is to cut the dead areas of the roots and damage leaves. It is good to prune it from September through November for getting the best results.

Medical Uses:

Some of the beneficial uses of this plant are mentioned below let’s have a look:

  • These plants are the main source of making certain diseases.
  • It can cure different allergies.
  • Helpful to reduce heart disease.

Final Verdict: Queen palms plant are best for various types of gardens. As you can see these are showy plants and can be beneficial to decorate many types of occasions also. These provide fruit that you can eat if you feel a craving for some delightful fruit. Significantly, the process of growing this plant is easy so you can place this plant at your home also for make your garden more beautiful.


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