Phlox Divaricata Care And Growing Guide

Phlox Divaricata is a species of a perennial plant. These are so attractive flowers and you can use these as a houseplant for increasing the beauty of your garden. Moreover, the propagation of these plants is quite easy as you never face any difficulty propagating them.

Origin:It is native to North America.

Genus:Its genus is Phlox.

Family:This belongs to the family of Polemoniaceae.

Plant Type:The type of plant is perennial.

Leaf Colour:The colour of the leaf is green.

Water Needs:It needs medium watering.

Soil Type:Moist and well-drained soil is best.

Exposure:A partial or shade area is suitable for it.

Bloom Colour:The bloom of this flower is available in different colours:

  • Purple.
  • White.
  • Pink.
  • Red.

Growth Rate:Its growth rate is fast.

Soil PH:Acidic and alkaline are good.

Characteristics:These are showy and evergreen

Attracts:It attracts butterflies

Propagation technique:Propagation is possible by two methods:

  • Seeds.
  • Division.

Height:Its height is about 12_15m tall.

Foliage Colour:The foliage of this flower is dark green.

Tolerance:It can tolerate rough, hard soil and deer.

Season:Spring is the best season for its growth.

Fragrance:The fragrance of this plant is pleasant and delicate.

Spread:It can spread about 4-6 inches.

Maintenance:Following are some essential tips given below that you should follow to protect your flower growth:

  • Provide partial shade however it can tolerate full sun in the hot climate.
  • Never skip watering as it requires water daily.
  • Fertilization is necessary.
  • Cut off dead leaves for better growth.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What is the scientific name of this plant?

The scientific name of this plant is Phlox Divaricata.

2. What does this plant symbolize?

This plant symbolizes unity, partnership, harmony and ideas of compatibility.

3. What is the common name of this plant?

The common name of this plant is phlox divaricata.


Rocky Mountain Columbine.

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