Oriental Paper Bush Flower And Growing Information

Oriental Paper Bush is an extremely pretty plant with a tubular cluster like flowers. Its flowers are so attractive and fascinating. Besides that flowers has a nice fragrance and bright attractive yellow colour. This plant is suitable for all types of gardens.

Suitable environment :This flowering plant feels comfortable in well-drained soil. With a proper drainage system always make sure to keep the soil well moist to flourish the growth of this plant.

Blooming season :This plant blooms in the following months

  • February
  • March
  • April

Size:The approximate height of this plant is 6ft.

Origin:This plant is native to China.

Family:Its family name is Thymelaeaceae.

Plant Type:This is a fantastic plant that has showy and attractive flowers.

Sun exposure:This prettunplantt thrives for full sun but it also doesn’t mind partial shade.

Watering needs:This plant will do its job with an average water supply.

Fragrance:This plant has mild fragrant flowers.

Other names:Some famous names of this plant include

  • Oriental paper bush
  • Paper bush

Maintenance: This plant doesn’t show many tantrums but it also minds the carelessness. So you have to keep it well maintained and this plant needs average maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to propagate Oriental Paper Bush?

This plant is super easy to regrow and propagate. All you have to do is cut the stem of an adult plant and then place it into the soil. Make sure the soil has proper drainage and the area is shady and cool. Then magic will happen and after few weeks the fresh baby roots will start appearing inside the soil and your stem will get little sprouts.

Do hummingbirds like it?

Yes, they do like it. Its blooming season is super fascinating and attractive. And during its blooming season hummingbird will fly around this pretty plant.

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