Narcissus Tazetta Care And Complete Growing Guide

Narcissus tazetta is an extremely pretty white flowering plant that has enchanted fragrance and magical beauty. This plant adds a life where it’s planted. This is an easygoing and carefree plant that can be planted in the fall. It has long, thin, and flat green leaves and a cluster of flowers. The flowers grow in the shape of a bulb that enhances their look and beauty. This is a perfect plant for both indoors and outdoors gardening.

Common names:

Some of the most common names of Narcissus tazetta are:

  • Spring Bulbs.
  • Tazetta Daffodils.
  • Spring Flowers.
  • Paperwhites.

Family: This pretty plant belongs to the family of Amaryllidaceae.

Order: Its order is Asparagales.

Genus: Its genus is Narcissus.

Size: This plant can grow up to 60cm tall.

Blooming span: Each cluster of flowers blooms for at least one week.

Sun Exposure: This plant enjoys full sun and a minimum of six hours of sunshine is necessary for the plant.

Suitable environment:This plant can be grown in well-drained and moderately moist soil. Keep the soil moist during the blooming season and reduce the moisture when the blooming season ends.

Fragrance: This cute cluster flowering plant has a mild sweet fragrance.

Colour: This flowering plant has beautiful flat green leaves and small flowers with white petals and a yellow center.

Watering:During the active growth of plant water it frequently. Especially in fall and spring when there is little to no rainfall. Keep the soil moist for the fast growth of the plant.

Blooming Season:Its season of interest is early spring when beautiful pure white flowers bloom.

Plant type: Narcissus tazetta is a perennial flowering plant mostly used for ornamental purposes.

Maintenance:This plant can survive well for years with little maintenance.

Fertilizer: Fertilize the Narcissus with an all-purpose fertiliser. The best time to fertilise the plant is when its blooming season ends. Usually, four doses of fertiliser are enough with one week gap. Sprinkle the fertiliser on the plant and stop fertilizing the plant when leaves turn yellow, this is the sign of over-fertilizing.

Toxicity: This plant is not edible. Although it’s not toxic if consumed can cause nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea.

  • Along with its beauty, Narcissus tazetta has several medicinal properties.
  • This plant is cultivated on a commercial level to obtain its essential oils that can be used to treat several health issues.
  • It can have properties to cure headaches.
  • Besides that, it can also be used as an anti-inflammatory medicine to cure fever etc.
  • It also has extremely high properties to combat cancer.
  • This plant can also treat certain skin problems.

Trimming: Usually, Narcissus tazetta doesn’t like trimming and cutting because the leaves of the plant stores energy that helps them to bloom next time. Only trim those leaves that are dead, yellow and wilted otherwise avoid trimming this plant.

Characteristics: Some of the amazing characteristics of Narcissus tazetta are:

  • Narcissus tazetta has a nice colour combination.
  • It can be grown in small pots.
  • This plant is extremely easy to grow.
  • It requires minimum care and maintenance.
  • This plant has a sweet fragrance.
  • It can be grown indoors.
  • It’s a showy plant.
How to take care?

If you will follow these simple steps mentioned below your plant will enjoy a healthy and long life span.

  • Plant it in late fall.
  • Keep the soil moist in dry and rough weather.
  • Provide the proper dose of fertiliser.
  • Cut off the yellow wilted parts of the plant.
  • Provide enough sunlight to the plant.

Conclusion:An extremely pretty and simple flowering plant narcissus tazetta is a wonder of nature. This plant has so many medicinal uses and eye-catching looks. This is the best choice for people who have indoor plants and also for those who have outdoor gardens.

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