How To Grow And Care Japanese Beautyberry | French Mulberry

Japanese Beautyberry is a widely found deciduous shrub in the Southeastern regions of the United States. The average height of this plant is round about 3-6 feet tall and 9 feet in width. This plant grows with normal speed and the best time to plant beautyberry is spring or fall. And interestingly this fruit-bearing plant is free from all types of diseases and pests.

Characteristics of Beautyberry:
  • It possesses green and medium foliage along with light purple to pinkish flowers.
  • In addition to this, it is famous because it produces dark purple berries in the form of plump clusters at its stems.
  • These berries grow at the end of summer or the beginning of the fall last for the whole winter.
  • The purple berries of the Japanese Beautyberry plant are the best source of food for living things.

Scientific Name: The scientific name for beautyberry is Callicarpa Americana.

Common Name: This plant is also known as beautyberry, American beautyberry and French mulberry.

Plant kind: It is considered as perennial shrubs.

Soil type: Mulberry plant needs rich and moist soil.

Soil PH: The average soil PH for this plant should range from 5-7.

Hardiness zone: Its hardy zone is between 6-10.

Beautyberry Care:

These plants are ideal to decorate various borders. If you are living in such regions where the growing zones are in favour of Beautyberry then it will grow perfectly into a beautiful plant. And it doesn’t demand high maintenance and care once it developed completely. It is very simple to plant this tree in your garden. So it is the best plant for any garden.

Light: These shrubs grow flawlessly in such location that receives partial or full sunlight. Additionally, these shrubs love to grow at the edges of the wooded area. And if this plant received plenty of sunlight then it will produce more berries.

Soil: Mulberry shrubs require such soils that are moist, clay or friable. The soil should be organically rich. Moreover, this plant can survive in any kind of soil except those souls that do not have a sufficient amount of nutrients in it.

Water: This plant thrives to grow in moist soil but it can also hand dry conditions. Every week it is very important to provide it 1-inch water. So provide it balanced quantity of water.

Temperature and Humidity: These shrubs love to grow in their hardiness zone and do not demand any specific humidity and temperature level. If you want to maintain its temperature then you should add a thin layer of mulch at its base.

Fertilizer: Japanese Beautyberry doesn’t require any fertilization. But if your soil has insufficient nutrients then fertilization is important. So fertilize it with a balanced amount of fertilizer too much fertilizer can affect the production of its delicious berries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the growing speed of Beautyberry?

This is a deciduous shrub that grows with normal to fast speed and every year its height goes high up to 13”.

Do butterflies like beautyberry?

Interestingly, Japanese Beautyberry is one of those plants that produce nectar. So it is a favourite of butterflies and other birds because this plant is a source of food for living things.

What is the origin of Japanese Beautyberry?

This fruit-bearing plant was first time seen in North America, Japan, China Taiwan and Korea.

To which family does Japanese Beautyberry belong?

This plant belongs to the Lamiaceae family.


To sum up it is a deciduous shrub that is very simple to grow and requires very little look after. It is the best choice to enhance the beauty of any garden and lawn. The berries that grow on the stem of this plant are the best source of food for wildlife especially. It highly attracts butterflies and other birds.


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