Echeveria Setosa Care And Growing Guide

Echeveria Setosa flower has another beautiful name Mexican firecracker. It approximately grows up to 3 feet. The colour of its leaves ranges from light to dark green. Along with this, it has tiny fine hairs. And in the spring season, this plant develops attractive yellow and red flowers.

Cultivation condition: This plant needs full sunlight and soil that contains standard compost. Echeveria prefers low humidity soil. At the time of its development water these flowers In good amount. And afterwards, keep the soil moist. Good fertilizer that contains dilute nitrogen is best at the time of spring and summer. In the winter season, the soil for these flowers needs to remain dry.

Common Names: Echeveria setosa is also called as

  • Firecracker plant
  • Hen and chicks
  • Mexican firecracker
  • Firecracker echeveria

Scientific Name: It’s scientific name is Echeveria setosa.

Family: Crassulaceae is its belong family.

Subfamily: The subfamily of this plant is  Sedoideae

Tribe: Sedeae

Genus: Echeveria


  • These succulents require good sunlight to grow properly.
  • It is wise to grow these flowers outside as compared to inside.
  • A warm climate is also beneficial for healthy flowers.
  • It can bear a temperature up to 25°F.
  • But if the gardener is a resident of cold regions then plant these flowers inside.

Flowering & Fragrance: Firecracker echeveria grows in urn-shape. These are beautifully yellow and red flowers. And due to its pleasant fragrance, it attracts hummingbirds.

Pruning: Interestingly, these flowers do not need pruning.

Pests: Some pests can attract on this Hen and Chicks such as:

  • Aphids
  • Mealybugs
  • Vine weevil

Diseases: Although echeveria setosa can resist diseases.

Use: Echeveria setosa are ornamentals due to which they are frequently used on wedding cakes.

Frequently Asked Question:

Is Mexican firecracker poisonous to human beings?

These flowers are completely safe for humans as well as animals. But we don’t suggest eating them.

Is sunlight is essential for firecrackers?

Yes, it is beneficial to grow these flowers in such a place that can receive full sunlight.

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