Cynoglossum Amabile Care Guide

Cynoglossum Amabile everyone wants a different and attractive garden decor. Some people prefer bright and vibrant colours while other people choose light and decent colours. If you want to make your garden look decent and attractive then choose this beautiful sky blue plant Cynoglossum amabile. This is an extremely attractive flowering plant having beautiful blue flowers and hairy green leaves. This natural colour combination is heavenly beautiful. Let’s explore more about this amazing flowering plant.


This flowering plant belongs to Asia.

Other names:

Some famous names of this plant includes

  • Chinese forget-me-not.
  • Chinese hound’s tongue.

Sun exposure:The blue Cynoglossum thrives for full sun.

Suitable environment:Cynoglossum amabile enjoys moist soil. But it is important to keep an eye on the drainage system. Because over moist soil will cause root rot and eventually your plant will die.

Size:The standard size of this flowering plant is approximately 20 inches tall. People with less space can also plant this in small pots and containers.

Blooming season:The calming blue flowers bloom in the mid-summer season.

Colour:This plant has a perfect blend of light blue flowers with nice hairy dark green leaves.

Watering:This plant can survive with occasional watering because it doesn’t require frequent watering. But it’s recommended to water Cynoglossum amabile twice a week in hot summers.

Fragrance:This plant doesn’t have any strong fragrance 

Disease:Mostly this plant is not prone to pests but it’s recommended to spray it twice a year to protect the flowers from pests and other diseases.

Toxicity: This plant is a bit toxic its hairy leaves can cause minimal itching or rashes if touched. So it’s recommended to wear gloves while planting or trimming Cynoglossum amabile.

Maintenance: You can grow this plant even if you don’t have much time to take care because it’s a low maintenance plant.


There are a few amazing characteristics of this flowering plant that makes this plant worth buying.

  • It’s easy to plant and maintain.
  • This plant has beautiful showy flowers.
  • The colour of this flowering plant is unique as it’s hard to find a cute flowering plant with mini blue clusters of flowers.
  • You can plant it in a container or small pot.
  • It doesn’t need frequent water.
  • It can tolerate partial shade.
  • This plant can grow well without fertilizers.

Propagation: This plant can be propagated through its small seeds. This form of propagation will take time.

Growth tips: A few tips that are essential for the proper growth of Cynoglossum amabile are.

  • Make sure the soil in which you are going to plant is fertile and super moist.
  • Water the baby plant twice a week.
  • Avoid excessive watering, as it can damage the roots of the plant.
  • Plant it in a place where it can enjoy maximum sunlight.

In a nutshell, Cynoglossum amabile is the best option for you if you want a nice and small plant in your garden. This plant will change the look of your garden with its amazing blue flowers. This color is super soothing and adds an eternal touch to the garden. This plant is suitable for all types of gardens aa it can be planted in small pots if there is a lack of space. Furthermore, this plant is pest-free so no investment will be required to buy sprays. This plant can produce flowers in the first year of planting so you will not have to wait for years to see the nice blue flowers. This plant is used only for ornamental purposes so it will be a wise decision to choose this plant to enhance the beauty of your garden.

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