Convolvulus Cneorum Care And Growing Complete Information

Convolvulus cneorum is a nice flowering plant mostly found in the regions of Italy, Spain, Albania and Tuscany. It has green greyish leaves with so many small hairs on the stem. These hairs make this plant look greyish. This flowering plant remains fresh and green throughout the year. It has beautiful light pink buds. And its flowers are funnel-shaped, pure white with a nice yellowish fibre like centre. This plant is suitable for all kinds of gardens. This flowering plant will be a perfect addition to any garden. This plant is famous for its fast growth and beautiful colour combination of greyish foliage and white-yellowish flowers. This plant needs minimum to low maintenance that makes it more worthy to plant in any garden.

Genus: Its genus is Convolvulus.

Specie: This flowering plant belongs to the species of C. cneorum.

Order: Its order is Solanales

Family: Convolvulaceae is the family of this plant.

Other Names:

Its most famous common names include

  • Shrubby bindweed
  • Silverbush

Sun exposure: This flowering plant enjoys full sun.

Suitable environment:The perfect environment for this plant includes well-drained and moist soil. This plant can grow well even if the soil is not highly fertile.

Blooming season: convolvulus cneorum starts blooming in the late spring and flowers bloom till mid-summer.

Size:This plant grows approximately up to 2ft.

Fragrance: This plant doesn’t have fragrances.

Toxicity:This plant is not toxic for humans. But it can irritate your skin if touched because of its small hairy texture.

Trimming:It’s very important to trim the stems of this plant because it’s a shrub so it will spread wildly that will ruin the overall look of your garden. So to keep it in a nice form it’s recommended to trim this plant after its blooming season ends.

Characteristics of convolvulus cneorum:Here are some characteristics of convolvulus cneorum that make sit unique and attractive.

  • It has nice greyish foliage.
  • The stem of this flowering plant is covered with small hairs that makes the plant look attractive.
  • This plant has nice evergreen foliage.
  • The flowers have light pink buds and snow like white blooms.
  • Its propagation is easy.
  • This flowering plant can survive in the high temperature of summers.
  • This plant can be used for ornamental purposes.
  • It attracts butterflies that will enhance the look of your garden.
Propagation:This plant can be propagated through seeds and cuttings. From seeds, it will take approximately 2 months to establish roots. And from cuttings, it will establish roots only in 2 weeks. The plant will produce the flowers in the first year of planting so unlike other plants you will not have to wait for years to see the beautiful blooms. Its recommended planting the Convolvulus cneorum directly in the soil because it spreads a lot. If you will plant it in a pit or container then it will not propagate better.

Here are some maintenance tips that will make your plant grow well and survive longer.

  • Trim the stems after the plant stops blooming.
  • This will allow the plant to grow well.
  • Trimming will keep the plant in a proper shape.
  • Water it occasionally if the temperature is moderate.
  • Keep an eye on plant diseases and pests.
  • Never overwater your plant it will damage the roots.
  • Provide the plant with enough sunlight.

In a nutshell, this flowering plant is worth buying because of its so many qualities. Convolvulus cneorum will add beauty and elegance to your garden with its soothing greyish foliage, hairy texture and white flowers. Its funnel shape flowers make this plant looks unique and attractive. This shrub will look so beautiful in all types of gardens.

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