Clematis Jackmanii Growing Guide and Tips

Clematis Jackmanii is one of the most beautiful and pleasant flowers. In addition to this, it grows in medium size and is 4 inches long. Its sepals are stunning and its texture is rich velvety. Significantly along with purple sepal, it also possesses anthers that are green in colour. This plant grows from the start of the summer and remains till its end.


This plant needs well-drained and fertile soil along with sunlight to grow. Moreover, it is very important to keep the roots of this flow cool and regularly moist. The root surface area of this flower must be shaded with little shrubs or annuals. Interestingly, this plant is known as Queen of Vines. This flower belongs to the Clematis group number 3. So if you want to grow a beautiful and elegant plant in your garden then clematis Jackmanii is a good option. Along with its beautiful colour, it can enhance the look of your garden.


This flower was the first time grew by George Jackman and he was known as a major nurseryman.


Its genius is Clematis.


It belongs to the Ranunculaceae family.


The subcategory of clematis Jackmanii is Ranunculoideae.


If you want to grow healthy clematis Jackmanii then follow the below tips:

  • It is important to grow this plant in moist soil
  • Significantly, it is very important to keep the root surfaces of this flower cool through the season of growing
  • Mulching all across the Clematis Jackmanii will help you to maintain its temperature.

1. What is the scientific name of this flower?

The scientific name of this flower is Clematis Jackmanii.

2. What is the common name of this flower?

We can call it simply Jackman’s Clematis.

3. In which colours do this plant grows?

These pleasant flowers grow with purple sepals and greenish anthers


African Lily.

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