Caring Tips For Gaura Belleza Dark Pink

Gaura belleza dark pink is Famous for its beautiful branches and extremely fast growth Gaura Belleza is a nice flowering plant. This plant has overwhelming dark pinkish flowers. Its overall look is like bushy and wide beautiful plants. This is a perfect colourful addition to all types of gardens. This flower will give a beautiful bright look to your place.

Suitable environment :

This plant loves high humidity and can also survive in extremely hot temperatures.

Blooming season :

Its blooming seasons are

  • Early summer
  • Early fall


Its average size is

Height up to 18 inches

Width up to 20 inches

Origin: This flowering plant is native to the central US.

Sun exposure : Gaura belleza loves full sun .

Watering needs : Its water requirement is average. You can water your plant only thrice a week.

Fragrance : It doesn’t have any strong fragrance.

Plant type: It’s a flowering plant with beautiful pinkish star-shaped flowers.

Disease: This is a very amazing plant that is not prone to plant diseases and it doesn’t get affected by pests and insects  

Maintenance : It requires minimum care and can survive well with low maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Gaura belleza dark pink an evergreen plant?

Yes, this is a beautiful evergreen plant with high tolerance and minimal requirement of care and maintenance. The leaves of this plant will not shed even in fall.

Does it propagate easily?

Yes, the propagation of this flowering plant is extremely easy and quick. You can plant its seeds at the beginning of the spring season.  Besides that, you can also propagate it through cutting in the summer season and spring as well. Seeds will take more time to grow as compared to cuttings.

Is it an indoor or outdoor plant?

This plant is most suitable for outdoor gardens. Because it thrives for full sun and extreme humidity. If sun exposure is available indoors you can plant it inside your home in a big pot.

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