Burkwood Viburnum Care And Complete Growing Guide

Burkwood Viburnum is a beautiful semi-evergreen, upright multi-stemmed shrub whose leaves are dark green. These green leaves turn into maroon colours in fall. One interesting thing related to these leaves is that tea is made by these leaves. In the mid of Burkwood Viburnum spring flowers that are red or pink open up with a pleasant smell. For making desserts these flowers are useful as these can increase sweetness. Additionally, for decorations on special occasions, these are the perfect ones. These are considered as non-toxic plants so you have to place these at your home and make your garden more attractive.

Common Names:

The common names of this plant are snowball bush, Viburnum opulus.

Scientific Name:This plant is scientifically called Viburnum.

Family: It belongs to the family of Adoxaceae.

Genus: Viburnum.

Species: V.× burkwoodii.

Hardiness Zone: The USDA hardiness zone for viburnum is 4_8.

Height: These are the fast-growing plants and can grow about 8 to 10 ft tall and 6 to 7 ft wide.

Origin: Viburnum was first discovered in Subtropical Eurasia and North American.

Regions where these plants naturalized:

These pants were naturalized in Australia, North Asia and Europe.

Soil Needs: Burkwood mostly likes that type of soil that is moist and well  drained. The one awesome fact about this plant is that it is hard and drought tolerant. However, it was noticed that acidic soil is more suitable for the growth of the viburnum. Besides that, applying blood meal is beneficial to sweeten soil for opening up flowers in late spring and winter. In this way, the fast-growing result of this plant has been shown in the garden.

Sunlight Needs: This plant requires average sunlight mean both partial and full sun suits it. As these can be grown better in both the situation and provide bloom from the flowers.

Watering: Viburnum does not demand too much watering except in drought or when it is newly planted. When it is newly planted you should provide water deeply in its root for proper moisturization. After that put water two to three times a week or sprinkle water 20_30 minutes twice a week.

Fertilization: For making this plant more healthy it is essential to provide it suitable fertilizer. These best choices to fertilize the Viburnum are fish emulsion, alfalfa meal, rotted manure and compost.

Harvesting: The best way to harvest viburnum is from the sides of the root in the winters. And it is better to harvest these plants when it grows approximately up to 6 inches.

Pruning: As you know that to maintain the look of certain plants their pruning is also very important. Pruning makes the plant more decorative and enhances its value. The best time to prune these plants is in spring.

Medical uses:

There are some of the beneficial uses of Burkwood viburnum mentioned below so let’s check it out:

  • Viburnum is used in making many herbal medicines.
  • Different types of pain like cramps, muscle swamps can also be cured by the use of this plant.
  • These plants also provide benefits to those women who have gynecological issues.

Conclusion: As you have seen above these flowers are most beautiful. Along with this, it has multiple uses. Whether you talk about food it can help or other uses like curing many diseases it is the best choice. In addition to this, their growing process is not difficult as it requires little care and can survive in drought soil. Also, the beauty of these plants may helpful for enhancing the attraction of the yard. So, it’s better to place these plants at your home and make your place more pretty.

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