Bignonia Capreolata Care And Growing Guide

Bignonia capreolata are generally known as crossvines.These flowers are known as crossvine due to their cross-shaped growing pattern. It is an elegant flowering plant along with shiny green leaves.

Origin:This flowering plant is first time originated in the South and the central U.S.

Size: The average size of this plant range from 30 to 50 ft.

Phosphorus:For the healthy development of their roots, these flowers need phosphorus.

Soil: The best soil for the growth of these flowers is loamy or sandy. Along with this, the soil should contain a good amount of organic matter. Because sufficient nutrients are required for its better development. The PH should remain neutral.

Easy To transplant: These flowers are very easy to transfer from one place to another.

Scientific Name: Bignonia capreolata is its scientific name.

Common Names: This flower also has some other names:

  • Trumpet flower
  • Crossvine
  • Cross-Vine

Family: It is a member of the family  Bignoniaceae.

Genus: Bignonia

Species: B. capreolata

Type: The plant type of these flowers is Vine.

Zone: Its zone range from 5 to 9.

Spread: Bignonia capreolata spread 6 to 9 “.

Bloom Time: The ideal time to grow these flowers is from  May to June.

Colour:Crossvine grows in yellow and red colour.

Sun: Full sun to part shade is required for these flowers.

Water: Medium amount of water is needed.

Maintenance: These flowers do not demand high care or maintenance.

Flower: Flowers of this plant are showy.

Tolerate: Trumpet flowers can also tolerate Heavy Shade.

Ideal Growing Conditions:
  • A sunny place is best to grow these flowers.
  • The soil should contain acid and has good drainage.
  • Partial shades are ideal for their better flowering.
  • It is best to grow these flowers through seeds.

Ideal Places: This Bignonia capreolata makes walls, fences, pillars, and some other regions attractive. And are also best for covering ground surfaces.

Medical Benefits:

  • Cross vines are herbaceous plants that are full of nutrients. There are various benefits of these flowers such as
  • It is best to cure oedema, headaches and diphtheria.
  • These flowers are also used for the purification of blood.
Frequently Asked Question:

Does the trumpet flower remain evergreen?

Yes, these flowers remain evergreen and spread through climbing.

Do hummingbirds attract towards cross-vines?

Due to the beautiful orange-yellowish colour and fragrance. These flowers highly attract bees as well as a hummingbird.

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