Akebono Cherry Tree Care And Growing Guide

Akebono Cherry Tree you want to boost the look of your garden with only one tree then the Akebono cherry tree will be the best choice for you. This tree will add elegance, beauty and charm to your garden. It has beautiful fluffy snow like whitish pink blooms that gives a heavenly look to the place where it is planted. Furthermore, after the beautiful blooms, this tree produces nice red small cherry-like fruits. These mini fruits look extremely attractive and add a nice colour to the garden. This tree doesn’t have any specific tantrums all you need is plenty of water, a moderate fertilizer, moist soil and a nice space where you can plant this heavenly tree.

Order:Its order is Rosales.

Family:This pretty plant belongs to the family of Rosaceae.

Scientific name:This pretty tree is famous for its scientific name Prunus × yedoensis.

Suitable environment: This tree enjoys well moist soil with a nice drainage system. When Akebono cherry is young extremely moist soil is suitable for it. But when this tree grows enough and gets mature then moderately moist soil will be more than enough for its health and care.

Sun exposure:This beautiful snowy tree thrives for full sun.

Disease:This tree can get affected by the fungus that is present in the soil. That fungus will cause several different diseases like root rot, powdery mildew and leaf spot.

Fragrance:The beautiful pinkish flowers of this tree are slightly fragrant and attractive.

Fertilizer:After the spring season, you can fertilize your tree with a moderate fertilizer. However, this tree can survive without fertilizing but a mild and balanced fertilizer will help the plant to bloom more and it will produce more fruit.

Watering:This tree needs lots of water until it gets mature. When it’s small and immature the tree needs plenty of water supply to fulfil its requirements and for nourishment.

Trimming:To make the tree grow in one direction trimming will be helpful. Without trimming this tree will look wild and messy. When the tree is young you can trim its wild ends. However, after its full growth trimming will not help maintain its shape.

  • It is a nice tree.
  • This tree has beautiful snowy blooms.
  • Its foliage turns brownish in fall.
  • This tree can be used for ornamental purposes.
  • It bears small round fruit.
  • The fruit of this plant can stain the clothes and walls.
  • This pretty tree is used only for decorative purposes in big gardens.
  • It is bear small fruit that is edible for birds and animals.
  • The fruit is not toxic for humans but it’s not consumed as other cherries by humans.

How to plant an Akebono cherry tree?

Choose a nice vacant space for this tree. As it requires huge space for its growth. Make sure the location that you have chosen for planting this tree requires to have enough sunlight. Besides, that soil must be well moist and fertile. Make a deep hole and plant the baby Akebono cherry tree keep watering it twice a week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is this plant available in different colours?

This plant is mostly available in pink colour only.

2.What is the type of this plant?

This is a tree that is not evergreen.

3.When will this tree bloom?

This flowering tree starts blooming from early spring to autumn.

4.What is the average size of this tree?

This tree grows up to 5ft long.

5.What is the genus of this tree?

Its genus is Prunus.    

Conclusion:In a nutshell, this beautiful tree is a perfect treat to any garden. It will add colour and life to a dull and dead garden. This will be the perfect choice for your garden.

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