15 Tree With Purple Leaves

If you are one of these people who are very picky about the decorations of the garden. If you are looking for nice and attractive garden décor then there are so many nice options for you. You should go for those trees that can be grown easily. Besides that always pick the trees that are easy to maintain and take care of. Another most important thing that you have to keep in your mind is that choose trees according to the weather in your area. Like if you live in a place where there is no or little rain then never choose the trees that require plenty of water and partial shade. Along with that the condition and type of soil is another important factor that should be taken into consideration. If you love vibrant and bright colors and want beautiful colored trees in your garden then a tree with purple leaves is best for your garden. In this article, we will suggest to you the 15 best purple trees that are suitable for your garden. We will also let you know about their characteristics in detail.

1. Red-silver crabapple

A with the tree the scientific name Malus hybrid is one of the most common trees that can be grown in your garden. This tree has a soothing appearance and is super attractive. This is a beautiful tree with extremely fast growth. This tree has a very calming fragrance that is so enchanting. It’s a tree with berries like non-edible fruit, and purple leaves.

2. Blireiana plum:

Another beautiful purple tree with the scientific name Prunus x blireiana. It’s famous because of two reasons firstly its bright purple color and secondly its calming scent. Its recommended to trim the stems for a perfect look. Its flowers bloom at the end of spring and you will feel enchanted with its heavenly fragrance. This plant is suitable for those gardens where full sunlight is available because it performs well in full sun. The soil should be well-drained otherwise its roots will get damaged because of overwatering. Its standard size is approximately 15 feet.

3. Crepe myrtle:

If you still want some purple plants in your garden then go for Crepe myrtle. This is one of the best flowering trees of the world used for ornamental purposes. It has a nice long stem on the top of which a purple double flower blooms. This looks so good and attractive. One important thing about this tree is that it’s slightly poisonous and extremely toxic for animals. So if you have pets keep them away from this deadly tree. The flowers bloom in hot summer. Its average height is about 25 feet and thrives for rich and fertile soil.

4. Blue jacaranda:

This pretty tree can be the most beautiful addition to any garden. Its shady purple leaves are so attractive and enchanting. It’s famous for the scientific name Jacaranda mimosifolia. This pretty tree has a heaven-like fragrance that will make your garden a calming place. This plant loves sandy soil and thrives for partial sun. Its average size is approximately 40 feet wide and 50 feet tall.

5. Helmond pillar:

The scientific name of this flower is Berberis thunbergii. This eye-catching tree will help you to add beauty to your garden. Additionally, if someone wants some spark of purple shade then this is the best choice. The pleasant smell and attractive look of this tree will make you feel awesome. This tree can better survive in summer to fall or it is suitable to place it near full sun. The amazing thing about this tree is that it can tolerate dry soil.

6. Copper beech:

This magical tree has beautiful look because of its broad dark burgundy leaves. Amazingly this tree produces edible fruits that are yummy and healthy at the same time. This tree thrives for full sun and performs well in semi-moist well-drained soil. Its average height is up to 80 feet. This tree is best for both ornamental and edible purposes.

7. Profusion Crabapple:

These trees have an awesome smell and their looks are also attractive. In addition to this, it is available in dark purple color but sometimes it seems like the blue shade because of the effect of the light. This can help in making your garden stunning and amazing. The Interesting thing about these trees is that they bear beautiful purple pinkish flowers. Furthermore, this requires some attention as you should provide well-drained soil and place it near full sun.

8. Black elderberry:

These trees are considered the most beautiful trees in the world because of their appearance and beautiful color. Besides that its growth is extremely fast you will not believe how a small baby plant will transform into a young tree in a few months. Its beautiful light purple color and broad leaves are some of the reasons why people prefer planting this tree in their garden. This tree needs great care and lots of water. For its proper growth and nourishment, it is recommended to water this tree frequently. The average height of this tree is approximate up to 20 feet.

 9. Cherry Pulm:

As it’s beautiful name shows that how perfect is this tree to make your garden beautiful. Interestingly, it adds purple shade to your garden. The most amazing thing about the cherry Pulm tree is that it is the best choice for those who have less time and prefer to give less attention to trees. Along with this, it is easy to grow it without taking care of any essential requirement. But one little thing that you should focus on is that it is toxic to animals to keep away your pets from these flowers. These can better survive in full sun or well moist soil. The leaves of cherry Plum changes color with the season. Like in the spring season its leaves turn into bronze-purple and reddish-purple in summer and red in the fall season.

10. Japanese Maple:

Are you looking for a unique tree or we can say you need a purple shade tree then this is the right choice for you. Japanese Maple is an attractive tree that grows in different varieties. This tree can enhance your garden’s beauty because it has purple leaves. Besides that, its fragrance is so amazing that makes you feel pleasant. For the better growth of this plant, it is suggested to prune it regularly. Additionally, well-drained soil and full sun are most importantly requires for its survival. Japanese Maple grows 10-25 feet tall and 8-12 inches wide. Its scientific name is Acer palmatum.

11. Purple Leaf Sand Cherry:

This beautiful tree has a unique scientific name Prunus ×Cistena because it is a cross of two species. It blooms with white flowers and purple leaves.

Significantly, the ideal season to grow this plant in spring. Its hardiness zone is 2-8. Purple leaf sand cherry needs partial shades and a location that can receive good sunlight. The soil for the plantation of this tree must be well-drained and moist. The average growth of this plant is 6-10 feet tall and 5-8 feet in width.

12. Royal Purple Smoke Tree:

Another stunning plant that has purple leaves is the Royal Purple Smoke tree. This tree is scientifically known as Cotinus coggygria. It is one of the beautiful trees that are famous for its unique purple leaves. Significantly, it is a small shrub-like tree that has foliage in pinkish purple color. The ideal season to grow this plant in spring to summer. Moreover, the hardiness zone of this plant range from 4-8. Purple Smoke tree needs normal to medium and perfectly drained soil.

13. Royal Empress:

Royal Empress is such a plant that people grow widely all over the world. The scientific name for this tree is Paulownia tomentose. Interestingly, it produces little beautiful flowers that together make an attractive bunch of purple blooms. It is considered the most quickly growing tree with purple leaves. The best season for the plantation of this plant is spring. The hardiness zone of this plant is 7-10. It requires full sunlight and good drainage soil. The average height of the Royal Empress plant is 30-40 feet tall and 30-40 feet in width.

14. Chaste Tree:

Cosmos is an annually growing plant. It has small petals in light purple color. The perfect time to grow this plant is Midsummer. Chaste trees spread widely due to which they need lots of space. This plant needs well-drained soil for healthy growth. The size of this plant is 8-10feet tall and 5-8 feet in width. Moreover, the hardiness zone of the Chaste tree range from 6-9. In addition to this, it is well known on the whole because the color of its leaf changes throughout its growing season.

15. Purple Pony Cherry:

This tree not only possesses a unique name but is also eye-catchy in appearance. Purple pony cherry is a dwarf tree that is best to grow on your personal properties etc. These trees are commonly seen in the landscapes of the Japanese. The flowers of this tree grow in pale pink. Its hardiness zone is 5-9. Purple pony cherry grows 10-12 feet tall. Significantly it requires loamy and well-drained soil and full sunlight.


To sum up, various trees in the world are famous because of their beautiful purple leaves. These plants not only add beauty to your gardens but also create a pleasurable view for humans. In this article, we have selected the top 15 plants with purple leaves for your convenience. So if someone wants to make their gardens or personal properties attractive they can grow any of the above-mentioned trees along with unique purple leaves.

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